In the Studio

Posted On:03.14.2010
Posted by ken

I recently ran into the trombone player for the band “They Might Be Giants”. I asked him how things were going for the band and he said they were getting ready to go back into the studio to record another cd. He was considering quitting the band because he hates studio work so much. I think he was kidding and I heard a very cool cut from a recent release of theirs recently. I hope he was on it.

The Henways and I spent the day in the studio yesterday to do a few tunes for a demo. We got that accomplished in a few hours, a literal blink of the eye in studio time I think. The result was, as Aardvark observed, “A fair representation of the band’s sound.” Suitably ambiguously stated I think. I have never talked to an artist who was completely happy with a finished track. We resolved to return someday for a more serious attempt at this worthy endeavor, but in the meantime, will post what we did yesterday hoping that someone at least dances in their living room to it. Thanks to Dave Berg for his generous help in getting this done for us.