Probably Just Fine – Lyrics

Posted On:05.18.2015
Posted by ken

I haven’t seen this girl now in almost a year
She sent me a message at Christmas but her words weren’t quite clear
I think I should have asked her if she thinks about me sometimes
The truth is though, to leave it like this, is probably just fine

It said. “I’m fine I could be better how are you?” and all that kind of thing
“I’ve got thoughts of you thought that I’d say hi and I might see you in the spring.
I like my job I know people who talk to me sometimes.  The truth is though, to leave it like this, is probably just fine.”

If there’s a way to have her stay, I don’t know what I’d do.
On a hillside gently sitting with the air so still
And the sky so full and blue.
There’s blues there’s fate and there’s love that’s late
and way too far away.
I read her mysterious message
One more time today.

I’d look at her, she’d look at me, and we’d laugh to change the tone.
She’d send me notes and they come close and then she’d call me on the phone.
I’d say incomprehensible things and repeat myself to keep her on the line.
The truth is though, to leave it like this is probably just fine.

The one time we ever touched, there were people all around.
We embraced lightly, she was thin and feeling very down.
It was a day of loss and sadness like an airless and deep mine.
That’s just the way we left it
And the probably just fine.