Rid of You Lyrics

Posted On:05.18.2015
Posted by ken

I thought we were in love for a very long time
When we were together it was so divine
Now I’m throwing out the stuff that you left in my car
The wipes and the bags and the Hallmark cards

That lovely quilt that took you weeks to make
And those gluten-free cookies that you tried to bake
That picture from vacation just before the Big Pout
Open up the door this stuff is going out.
I’m getting rid of you

When I walked in the room you’d put the phone down fast
Those guys you were talking to from your past
On the site you were SexyMama716
You look real good next to the other chicks

Screenshots of your talks with a teenage boy
You said, “I talk to him a lot, he’s not just a toy.”
I thought that I’d keep that Superman shirt.
Nah, I’ll put it in the garbage with your funny little skirt.
I’m getting rid of you.

I thought I’d seen it all, then there was that Boy Scout
You’d go to see him sometimes whenever I was out
You said, “I’ve got to talk to someone about my troubles
You don’t possibly think that we’re a couple?”

There were men from the Saloon and the hookup site
A week after I was was gone a guy spent the night
But they made a rapid exit past your welcome mat,
They got rid of you too.  How about that?
I’m getting rid of you.