the 2011-2012 Woodsongs line=up!

Posted On:09.25.2011
Posted by ken

The 2011-2012 Woodsongs Coffeehouse Radio Hour is scheduled and the lineup looks like this:

September 29:

Pat Maloney: A singer-songwriter who has released four cd’s and has been repeatedly favorably compared to such greats as John Prine. Pat has been at this business for decades, traveling the country, and producing some of the most genuine Americana music you will hear anywhere.

Amanda Barton. Combine sweet, melodious fiddle playing, a disarmingly beautiful voice, and a flawless musical sense and you have Amanda Barton. While she is best known for her collaborative work with Big Leg Emma and others, Amanda’s solo work is going to be featured this night.

October 27:

No Outlet: This group is led by one of the premier dobro players in the country, Kevin Maul. He is a veteran of this scene, having been a semi-regular on the Garrison Keillor show, a member of Wanda Jackson’s band, a touring member of Robin and Linda Williams’ band for a decade, and an accompaniest with many other luminaries. Other members of No Outlet also play in Trey Anastasio’s band, David Bromberg’s band, etc. No Outlet will bring some fine Americana music to the Woodsongs stage.

John Latini: Having played his own brand of music for years in Michigan, John Latini is a notable figure in the Michigan area. He has a list of awards for songwriting and performing under his belt. John’s performance on the Woodsongs stage last year brought a flood of kudos and we could not, in good conscience turn down this opportunity to bring him back.

November 17:

Jeff Erickson: Jeff may be best known as the guitarist for 10,000 Maniacs. We will see, though, that there is more to Jeff than the masterful and unique guitar work he brings to that band. Jeff is a songwriter, a song stylist, and a fine singer in his own right. Having led the interesting project, Last Stop Willoughby, Jeff showed that his depth of musicality deserves attention devoted exclusively to it. We will get a first-hand, privileged look at just that on the November Woodsongs show.

Cammy Enaharo: Cammy is a worthy ukulele player, a heart-capturing singer, and most of all, an original and deeply insightful songwriter. She writes touchingly and compellingly from the perspective of her youth; she is 20 years old. Her dedication to her craft is evident. Cammy’s recent summer break from college was spent attempting to support herself by busking on the street. She plays open mic nights, for friends, and anywhere she can find someone to listen. Woodsongs is proud to be able to showcase a young artist at this stage of her nascent career.

December 29:

Cindy Haight: Ms.Haight has been a musical fixture in the Jamestown area for over a decade. She is known for her powerful, bluesy voice. Cindy’s songs explore the essence of the blues, the unrealistic expectations and predictable heartbreak of relationships. Her songs describe the concommitant pessimism and optimism, hope and disppointment, that all romantic attachments bring with them.

Blue Magoo; A local blues trio who have consented to hop on the Woodsongs stage “unplugged”. Three veterans of this blues scene, two of whom were long-time members of the project universally recognized as the most noteworthy, now-defunct blues band of the area in Jamestown, the “Homewreckers”, comprise this outfit.

January 26:

Charity Nuse: A multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Ms. Nuse plays mandolin, guitar, and djembe but when asked what her main instrument is, she quickly responds, “my voice.” She is a member of Big Leg Emma and the jammy Charity Nuse and the Drive, but doesn’t hesitate to play solo on occasion.

Gina Vecchio: Chautauqua County has an extraordinary number of women who have made names for themselves on the music scene in the recent past and one could make a case that Gina Vecchio is the local prototype for all of them. She will appear on the Woodsongs stage with new original material.

February 23:

David Allen Coester: David is a singularly interesting and multi-faceted character. First, as a classical guitarist playing in venues accustomed to more traditional musical fare, he must display a certain jena se qua. He also hosts a very interesting Open Mic night which boasts very original and loyal regulars. His left-of-center wit, his deft and highly skilled guitar work, and his warm affection for music will be welcome additions to the Woodsongs catalogue.

Steve Piper: With his third cd “in the can”, Steve returns to the Woodsongs stage for the third time. His sensitivity, creative observations, and the care he puts into the songwriting craft never get old. Having studied with Jimmy Dale Gilmore for years, Steve’s songwriting continues to grow in magnitude and precision.

March 29:

Kev Rowe: Completing the Big Leg Emma “trifecta” this Woodsongs season, Kev brings his gentle charisma and prodigious talent to Woodsongs. While he has the chops and panache on guitar to play lead for Big Leg Emma, he also has a body of solo work including a recently released cd. He is a sweetly smooth singer who accompanies himself on guitar in a manner that might be reminiscent of JamesTaylor.

Howie Feldman: Steel drums, ukelele, and who-knows-what-else Howie might be playing on any given night. Howie and his partner, Rhonda Harp, are given to interpreting an astounding variety of different kinds of music on these nontraditional instruments. This is music that is never uninteresting.

April 26:

Chris Passamonte: This leader, front man, songwriter, and guitarist for the much-respected local original band, The Bogarts, has a large body of outstanding original songs. His delivery, singing style, even his demeanor, hearken back to an earlier day in music when Gram Parsons, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, the Outlaws, and Woody Guthrie had captured the imagination of a large segment of the music listening public. Chris exhibits a true populism – uncontrived and American.

Claire Stuczinski: A lovely songwriter from Erie, Pa, Claire has several releases under her belt. She is an example of a young woman who has stuck with her craft, having been playing and writing since the age of 13. She mostly performs as a solo artist but will be appearing with a fine guitarist, Eric Brewer, on Woodsongs. Claire occasionally tours around the Northeast, appearing in places like Pittsburg and Erie.

May 25: The Bob Dylan birthday bash. We will have lots of artists (last season there were 14) all of whom will be doing a Dylan song. It was a great party last year. We had to do it again!

Don’t forget, each show features a finale with all the artists playing together. The closer has made for some unforgettable moments.

All shows begin at 6:45 pm. Come and see them live but if you miss one, you can hear it on WRFA-LP, 107.9 OR on