The upcoming Woodsongs Season. 2011-2012

Posted On:09.05.2011
Posted by ken

Thanks to the great support of WRFA-LP, musicians, volunteers, and most of all, those of you who have watched, attended, listened to, and spread the word about the Woodsongs Coffeehouse Radio Hour, the first season was a fine success. From our first show with Tiny b and Katie Elfman to the finale with 13 musicians appearing at the Bob Dylan Birthday party, the show built momentum throughout the season.

Our mission, however, remained consistent. We aim to provide a way for artists to present themselves and their music in the great tradition of the coffeehouse. Historically, coffeehouses have been centers for social interaction and, as such, have lent themselves to new ideas, artistic innovations, and less-than-formal interchange between artist and audience. That is exactly what Jeff James has created at the Labyrinth Press Company and, in that sense, the Woodsongs Coffeehouse Radio Hour has become part of Jeff’s visionary project.

But further, we strive to combine that coffeehouse experience with the feel of an old-time radio show recorded live in front of a studio audience.

The parade of artists in Season One resulted in one memorable moment after another. From John Merino’s fascinating stories, to Steve Piper’s unexpectedly stirring interpretation of Dylan’s “Senor”, to Connie Deming’s knee injury onstage, to John Latini’s lively banter and Steve Johnson’s very personal revelations about the songwriting process, the Woodsongs show was consistently the edgy and intimate experience that live radio is meant to be.

The upcoming season will showcase artists like 10,00 Maniac Jeff Erickson, classical guitarist David Allen Coester, Claire Stuczynski, Gina Vecchio, Steve Piper, John Latini, Kevin Maul’s band No Outlet, songwriter/ukelele player Cammy Enaharo, Cindy Haight, blues band Blue Magoo, Charity Nuse, and more.

Season Two begins with Episode #8 being recorded on September 29 with Amanda Barton and singer/songwriter Pat Maloney.

In the meantime, please consider being part of our studio audience at the Labyrinth on September 29, and every show after that! Admission is free and the coffee is satisfying. The show will be taped the last Thursday of every month, September through April (except November which is the third Thursday).

See you there!