Woodsongs #14. Kev Rowe and Gina Vecchio

Posted On:03.20.2012
Posted by ken

The February show was an exploration of new perspectives of the “grassroots” music we champion on the Woodsongs show. Classical guitarist David Allen Coester played some of the most beautiful music of Western Civilization, including the “Smoke on the Water” of classical music. (Log on to www.wrfalp.com and listen to the pod cast to find out what that piece is.) Steve Piper showed up and it felt like an ol’ buddy telling us some of the great stories that go with his great songs. And I gotta tell ya, the closer this night was something that may have never been attempted by self-respecting musicians in public before. And in case there are any questions about this finale of the show, please know that it was David who insisted that this unlikely montage was radio worthy.

The upcoming March show will feature two fine singer-songwriters, Kev Rowe and Gina Vecchio.

Kev Rowe is truly an American singer-songwriter. He has released three highly praised studio albums and currently has over 37,000 fans on Facebook. His most recent cd, “Hi Love”, produced by Danny Kadar (My Morning Jacket, The Avett Brothers, etc.) is garnering Rowe national attention in the acoustic/singer/songwriter scene for his intimate, personal singing style and lyrics. His understated yet very skillful guitar playing and oh-so-smooth voice are projections of his personality. He is truly one of the real gentlemen in this business. Kev is also the lead guitarist in the touring Americana band, Big Leg Emma, which hails from Jamestown, NY, Rowe’s hometown.

Gina Vecchio’s singing career began at a young age amidst her family members. As a result of such a nurturing and musical environment, Gina developed a style of her own and a passion to perform. As a singer with several local bands over the years, Gina became known for her voice and savvy stage presence. Blues has always been her passion, yet recently she dove into new territory writing and performing her own music, much of it moving significantly away from her blues roots. Presently, her first CD is being recorded and is due to be released by Fall of 2013. I have been listening to Gina sing for many years and must mention that I have never heard her sing better than she is now. At this stage of her life she has more technique, power, soul, and life than I have ever heard from her. Gina’s music keeps growing from within.

The monthly taping of Woodsongs has become an entertainment destination for a growing number of people. Please stop in. Be part of the live radio audience. The show starts at 7:00pm on Thursday, March 29, but the audience is asked to be seated by 6:30.

See you then!

Coming up:

April 26: Chris Passamonte and Claire Stuczinski

June 3: WRFA presents the Woodsongs finale at the Southern Tier Brewery. At this point we have over 15 musicians booked for the show, most of whom are Woodsongs artists. Some of them are Steve Piper, Gina Vecchio, David Allen Coester, Reese Campbell, Tom Carle, Cammy Enaharo, Jeff Erickson, Chris Passamonte, Cindy Haight, Jamie Trussler, Pat and Rosie Maloney, Bump Spencer, Brian Hanna, Bruce Diamond, Joey Spano, and MORE!