Woodsongs Show #10

Posted On:11.09.2011
Posted by ken

The turnout for the October Show with No Outlet (Markellis, Maul, and Haskell) and John Latini was outstanding. There is no doubt, these musicians surpassed the very high expectations we brought in to that event. Both in terms of musicality and pure entertainment, this show was a treat from start to finish. I had the good fortune to have dobro master, Kevin Maul, play the opener with me and the show just got better from there. It is now posted on www.wrfalp.com so whether you want to relive the evening or hear it for the first time, it’s there for you.

The November Woodsongs Coffeehouse Show is almost upon us. This month‘s guests are Jeff Erickson and Cammy Enaharo.

Jeff Erickson is well known around the Jamestown music scene for his involvement in some of the most highly-respected projects of the last 20 years. From the innovative band, “Zeta Cauliflower“, to his prestigious group, “The Crumbles”, and finally, in his role as the guitarist of “10,000 Maniacs“, Jeff has variously invented, written, organized, and restlessly explored this wonderful medium of music. He is a songwriter, a singer, a fine guitarist (both electric and acoustic), an innovator, a bandleader, a sideman, a collaborator, and a solo artist. While it is indisputable that Jeff’s work was influenced by his friend, Rob Buck, the man he replaced in the Maniacs, there is no way to completely describe his style to people who have not heard it. We will have the privilege of getting a first-hand look at the depth of Jeff’s musicality as a solo artist on this night.

I happened to be at Steve Piper’s Open Mic at the Flipside in Rochester, NY last spring when Cammy Enaharo, a stranger-in-the-crowd, took the stage late one evening. One verse and one chorus into the first song, it was stunningly obvious that we were in the presence of something very special. This young woman is a worthy ukulele player, a heart-capturing singer, and most of all, an original and deeply insightful songwriter. Cammy writes touchingly and compellingly from the perspective of her youth; she is 19 years old. Her lyrics are strikingly visual, soaring with poetic imagery and playing on themes in a genuinely literary way. Her dedication to the craft is evident. Cammy’s recent summer break from college was spent attempting to support herself by busking on the street. She plays open mic nights, for friends, and anywhere she can find someone to listen. Woodsongs is proud to be able to showcase a young artist at this stage of her nascent career.

I can promise there has never been a show like the one we will present in November. This is one people will talk about for a long time. It’s going to be a great playback on the radio, but it’s not a show you’ll want to miss live. I’m happy to say our live audience has truly become a community. It’s wonderful to see the familiar faces every month. Come and join the musical community! Be part of the live radio audience.

This show is November 17 at the Labyrinth Press Company. 12 E Fourth St. Jamestown, NY.

The show starts at 6:45. See you then!