Woodsongs Show #11. December 29, 2011

Posted On:12.23.2011
Posted by ken

The November Show with Jeff Erickson and Cammy Enaharo turned out to be
every bit the stunning night of creative beauty that we anticipated. Both
of them write straight from the heart, putting on fine display how that
can be done from quite different perspectives. As a closer, we performed
“Helpless” by Neil Young. The very unpredictability inherent in the
chemistry of three artists who have never performed together is always
exciting. Jeff’s voice and unique guitar ideas in conjunction with
Cammy’s haunting vocal turned it into something I think none of us
expected. The entire show is now posted on www.wrfalp.com.

The December Woodsongs Coffeehouse Show is almost upon us. This month‘s
guests are Cindy Haight and Blue Magoo.

Ms. Haight has been an almost ubiquitous musical fixture in the Jamestown
area for over a decade. Her musical projects have been numerous and
varied. She has played in bands, she plays solo, she has been an
important supporter of many causes and benefits, she hosts her own
rockabilly radio show on WRFA, she is a songwriter, she plays covers, she
is a regular at the Great Blue Heron Festival, and she has released a solo
cd. Cindy is known for her powerful, bluesy voice. Her songs explore the
essence of the blues, the unrealistic expectations and predictable
heartbreak of relationships. Her songs describe the concomitant pessimism
and optimism, hope and disappointment, that all romantic attachments bring
with them.

But blues? There’s more!

Blue Magoo is a three-piece blues band comprised of some of the finest of
long-time Jamestown-area musicians. Guitarist Bump Spencer is the
quintessential veteran, a musician who has honed his craft beautifully.
His playing is the remarkable exhibit of a man who has quietly polished
his skills to great excellence over the years and developed a recognizable
and highly-listenable style. Bassist Jeff White is also a well-known
local veteran who, like many of his generation, began playing publicly in
bar venues at a very young age. Throughout all four-plus of those
decades, Jeff has been known as one of the finest bass players around.
This band is held together with the steady and skillful percussion of
Jerry Wdowiesz. Like his bandmates, Jerry is a decades-long veteran of
the local music scene.

Add to all of this, Bess Raynor. She will sing this night’s opener with
me and join in on the closer (needless to say, a moving blues/rockabilly
standard.) Bess is coming into town from Colorado and consented to spend
a little time with us.

This, Woodsongs show #11, is going to provide proof that the Jamestown
area can bring, along with many other kinds of music, the blues. It will
feature fabulous blues vocals from the pipes of two fine women singers as
well as near virtuosity on the instruments. This stage is going to move!
There is nothing like the blues live. Come and experience it for
yourself. Be part of the live radio audience.

This show is December 29 at the Labyrinth Press Company. 12 E Fourth St.
Jamestown, NY.

The show starts at 6:45. See you then!

PS. One quick program note: The January show (1-26-12) has had a change.
Appearing that night will be Mary Ramsey and the Healers! That’s right,
THAT Mary Ramsey. (My eternal thanks to the ever-gracious Gina Vecchio
for agreeing to appear on a later show to make room for this last minute