Woodsongs Show #8. Pat Maloney and Amanda Barton

Posted On:09.10.2011
Posted by ken

The first show of the second season of Woodsongs Coffeehouse Radio Hour is
set for Thursday, September 29. WRFA will be recording the program live
at the Labyrinth Press Company, 12 East 4th Street, Jamestown, NY. There
could not be two artists more well-suited to the coffeehouse setting than
Pat Maloney and Amanda Barton.

Amanda is a local favorite who has become ubiquitous in the Jamestown
music scene. Certainly known for her work in the phenomenal Big Leg Emma
and various other side projects like Zamira and occasional duo work with
Bill Ward, Amanda is also a worthy solo artist in her own right. She is
usually seen onstage with her fiddle but she plays guitar and other
instruments too. Amanda consistently associates with other hugely
talented people like Steve Johnson and Charity Nuse so her solo work,
singing, and songwriting aren’t always spotlighted. On Woodsongs though,
it will be all Amanda. I assure you that, if you have not heard her alone
before, you will be taken by her as I have been. Everyone knows about her
fiddle playing and we will certainly have that. But also, we may get a
chance to hear some of her original work and, what often gets
overshadowed, her disarmingly beautiful voice. It, alone, is worth
setting aside an evening for.

We were lucky enough to discover that Pat Maloney recently relocated to
Central New York and our luck held out when he agreed to appear on
Woodsongs. Pat’s songs are often compared to John Prine’s, and I suspect
there is something to that. Like Prine‘s songs, Pat’s are often clever,
often include profound observations and revelations, take unexpected
twists, and sport charismatic hooks. And further, Pat has a way of
writing lyrics that work on different levels. Other artists like Guy
Clark and Jerry Jeff Walker come to mind. But comparisons, by their
nature, leave an incomplete view of its objects. Pat is very much a poet
who may, like Donna the Buffalo, personify a geography, attitude and
perspective unique to his original home, rural Upstate New York. This
might seem odd to say about a man who has spent decades living all around
the USA, but for those of us who have spent most of our lives in this
area, I think it rings true. Pat will be joined on the Woodsongs stage by
his traveling companion and wife, Rosie, who is a wonderful singer and
plays several instruments. Please take a look at Pat’s web site and check
out his four cd’s. If you like excellent poetry, first-rate songwriting,
and authentic Americana music, Pat Maloney is someone you need to check
out. www.patmaloneymusic.com

The taping of Woodsongs begins at 7pm on Thursday, September 29 and
audience members are asked to be seated by 6:45. Admission is free and
the coffee is hot. Come and be part of the radio show!