Ken Hardley


 Ken Hardley is a musician, entertainer, traveler, and socialite from Upstate New York.  A lifetime dedicated to restless exploration of a variety of literary and musical mediums results in Hardley’s unique perspective.  As an interviewer and producer, his vision is one of erstwhile literacy, love of art in all its forms, and curiosity about the human condition.  This, all tempered with his habitual less-than-fully serious and somewhat bemused demeanor, creates an atmosphere that can be unpredictable, cerebral, wry, edgy, and warm.

“<Ken sings> with a voice that delivers the poetry and … some really great phrases that give listeners a 3-D image.”    Diedre Flint
“Whether standing alone in front of a microphone stand or performing with his band… we’ve long ago run out of superlatives to commend him to you.” – Word Magazine