Ken Hardley and the Moose Club
13 tracks Credits

Ken Hardley, John McEuen, Mary Ramsey, Jeff Erickson, Joe Dady, Steve Piper, John Caruso, Dan Vanderzyden, Matt Grondquist, Susan Rozler, Armand Petri, Dan Warmbrodt, Armand Petri, Chris Wysard, Alisia Casper, Lori Savaree

Album Description

As I write this there is a little boy with a name that came down from my great grandfather sleeping in the next room. He will keep hearing this album after I am dead. Right now I feel pretty good, but I’m just sayin…you know. In making this album, time with the legendary John McEuen was a rare gift. There might not be much of anything to hear if it wasn’t for my Very Good Friend, Steve Piper, who has influenced this work and me pervasively in ways that have no labels.

The last few years, Dennis Drew keeps appearing to give my work new direction, meaning, and ideas. Everyone should be so lucky. Hanging out with Jeff Erickson, there’s another lucky break, musically and personally. There is no one anything like Mary Ramsey, who I find to be a recurrent source of wonder and joy.

Armand’s ability to deftly polish a terd is a special kind of magic. It was excellent to be able to share creative time with my friend of many decades, Joe Dady. I’ve known him longer than anyone in this paragraph.

Emily Raynor takes care of me and thinks I don‘t know. Particular gratitude to: Ed Thomassini. WRFA. The Rolling Hills Radio audience and crew. Catherine, definitely just fine. My Delightful Sangha. Diamond Dick Gould. Dan, Dee, Julie, and David. Emily, Bess, and Molly. These three guys – Drew, Nigel, and Justin. Sean Seibert. 10,000 Maniacs, who have been nicer to me than they needed to be. And Madison, who started on an icy pavement.

This album is dedicated to my teacher, Anam Thubten.


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